Asset Searches

Hidden Assets $100 bill under puzzle pieces [Image © graja -]

Hidden Assets [Image © graja –]

 Whether you are at the beginning of a business or personal relationship – or you are ready to terminate one – an asset search can be a valuable tool, allowing you to protect your best interests using concrete information.

An asset search is typically done using a specialized version of an online search or a background search investigation. It is used to review specific information regarding an individual’s overall net worth. Asset searches can be used to find house titles, businesses currently and previously owned, titles or loans for luxury toys or vacation homes and even previous places of employment. They can also provide information about an individual’s credit history, which can be a valuable analytic tool.

Ultimately, a thorough asset search provides a valuable piece to the overarching puzzle. Linked Investigations  recommends the use of an asset search:


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Our asset search services also uncover negative information, which can be as or more important than positive or credit-oriented information. An asset search may also turn up bankruptcies, judgements, tax liens, defaults, and other disfavorable information that could alter the way you make your final decisions.

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