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Criminal background checks are used in a myriad of scenarios, from employee background checks and other corporate investigation cases, to hiring a nanny or a caregiver for an elderly relative. Not all crimes are created equal, and the results you turn up may or may not alter your final decision. However, we believe our clients need and deserve to know the facts regarding those they work with, partner with and any individuals who have access to sensitive private and professional information.

Linked Investigations provides information revealed via our searches of criminal court records by county and state. We also access nationwide data bases. In most cases, we provide our clients with specific case numbers, court appearance dates, code violations, court location, case dispositions and file copies.

Why Should You Obtain a Criminal Background Check?

The success of your personal and professional life it dependent on the decisions you make, and those decisions should be informed ones. A criminal record search is one of the most important tools available to our clients, providing background information on the adults in your life, or adults you plan to hire or get commence a partnership with. Armed with the right information, you have the ability to make wise and informed decisions.

Criminal background checks are often used:

  • As part of a pre-employment screening process
  • Prior moving in, joining finances, getting married or taking a personal relationship to the next level
  • Before entering a business relationship
  • To investigate the adults, caregivers,  coaches or other adults who have close involvement in your children’s lives
  • To investigate adults, family members or others who share close proximity to your children when they are with their custodial or non-custodial parent.

Who Can You Trust? Find out NOW... Before it's too late! CLICK HERE to contact us! [Image © Ljupco Smokovski -]A national criminal background check can reveal:

  • Misdemeanor records
  • Felony records
  • A History of domestic violence
  • Criminal convictions
  • A legal infraction
  • Violent crimes
  • Non-violent crimes
  • Any Temporary restraining orders on record

Criminal Records Are Processed & Updated Daily

In the digital era, one where most court houses update misdemeanor and felony records on an almost real-time basis, Linked Investigations can determine a person’s criminal history based on a thorough search of Superior Court criminal records. 30 years of experience, and access to the nation’s most comprehensive and leading data bases, means we’ll provide you with the most detailed and current records available.

In cases where a particular county does not provide digital or computer-based information (increasingly rare these days), we are happy to obtain this information, as well as case file copies, on your behalf.

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