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Divorces and child custody cases are emotionally challenging at best, devastating at worst. A private investigator who specializes in family law and child custody investigation can be your greatest asset when it comes to getting the evidence you need to prove – and win – your case in court.

Linked Investigations has provided discreet, sensitive and professional family law investigative services for Newport Beach residents for more than 30 years. In fact, we often save our clients thousands of dollars in legal fees by providing them with the information their lawyers didn’t even know they needed – helping to expedite their case and reduce the hours required by their family law team.

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Here Are Examples of How Family Law Investigation Can Benefit You in Court:

Surveillance Services

Professional surveillance services can be used in a myriad of ways to shed light on, and reveal the truth, in family law situations. Is your ex-spouse violating court orders? Is your child’s custodial or non-custodial parent drinking in excess or taking illegal drugs when the children are in their custody? Is your ex claiming he or she is unemployed to avoid child support responsibilities while working under the table? These are all examples of how surveillance services can come to the rescue. We will uncover the truth so you and your legal team can take action accordingly.

Child Custody Issues

The most important thing is that your children are safe. If you feel their safety is in question, contact Linked Investigations for a free consultation, and we’ll help you determine which of our investigative services can help to bring the truth to light. Judges are tired of He-Said/She-Said testimonies. However, professional investigative services can provide photos, video footage and/or professionally written reports, all of which can serve as admissible evidence in the courtroom – or to help you settle affairs out of court.

Verification of Physical Address/Employment

Is your ex lying about his or her current work situation or place of residence? A licensed private investigator can verify employment and current address. A single piece of evidence that shows your ex has lied to the courts can be enough to throw their entire case in jeopardy.

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Background Checks

Did your ex do a character 180? Perhaps this isn’t the first time. Do you worry about who or what your children may be exposed to when they are with the other parent? Criminal records searches and complete background checks can provide a wealth of information about the custodial parent’s significant others, friends, child-care providers and so on.

Verification of Court Order Violations

Violation of a court order is an extremely serious situation, and common occurrence. Proving these violations is best handled by a licensed private investigator who can take photos, shoot video an/or professionally document the violations.  Having this kind of evidence in your pocket can drastically change the outcome of your child custody case and/or your child support settlement.

Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)

If your spouse or ex-partner is threatening you, has a history of domestic violence or is a continuous source of harassment, we can document these actions and facilitate the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). Once you’ve obtained the TRO, we can serve it – as well as any other documents – to the relevant party or parties.

Professional Referrals

After more than three decades working family law investigation cases, we can provider referrals to marriage and family counselors, superb family psychologists and psychiatrists, the best family law attorneys in the industry, forensic accountants and more.

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Contact Linked Investigation to Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Private Consultation

A consultation is the first step to establishing a trusted relationship with private investigator, and to share your story so we have a better idea of whether or not our services will be of benefit. Our initial consultations are always free and they require absolutely no obligation. All of the information you share with us is completely confidential and Linked Investigations is always discreet. Contact us now.

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