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Surveillance Services [Image © Demian -]

[Image © Demian –]

There is no better evidence than witnessing something with your own eyes, which is why surveillance services are often the most powerful tool in an  investigator’s tool box. A picture and video are worth well more than 1,000 words when they provide the evidence you need to make sound personal and professional decisions, or to give you the peace of mind knowing that your suspicions are correct and you can make an informed decision.

The Linked Investigations team has executed thousands of successful surveillance operations in Newport beach, Southern California cities as well as nationally and abroad. Throughout our surveillance operation, you or your designated point of contacted will receive regular updates. When it is complete, you will receive professional, detailed reports, photos and/or video footage at no additional charge.

Expert and Affordable Surveillance Services:

  • Individuals – Our surveillance services will confirm your suspicions when you feel others are being devious or dishonest. Professional surveillance is used regularly for child custody disputes, to prove court order violations, to catch a cheating spouse or to uncover abuse at the hands of a trusted caregiver.
  • Businesses and Corporations – Corporate surveillance is the simplest and most effective means of uncovering instances of employee theft, copyright infringements, inappropriate employee behavior, inventory or trade secrets that are walking out the door or to monitor distribution infringements.
  • Law Offices – Orange County law firms are constantly amazed at what our top-notch surveillance services can provide for their clients. From court order violations and child custody infringements to verifying a person’s occupation, business location or place of residence, the evidence our surveillance services turn up can be instrumental in turning the tide of your court case in your client’s behalf.

After more than 30 years in the field, the Linked Investigations team provides the most comprehensive surveillance services in the industry – and we do it discreetly, affordably and with integrity.

Not Getting the Results You Need From Your Current Surveillance Service Provider?

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your current surveillance service provider, it’s time to hire a team of professionals that does get the results you need.  Slim results, questionable actions or tactics and padded bills should never be your problem.

Contact Linked Investigations for a complimentary consultation. We do not expect any obligation but promise to deliver the cost-effective and accurate results you need. Give us a chance and let us prove ourselves. 714-432-9911


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